I put photo images on fabric, quilt, make felt, teach surface design, and have a studio in the heart of Mendocino. Photography has been part of my life since my father taught me to develop black and white film when I was 11. Now I carry my digital camera everywhere and love that I can take hundreds of pictures and see them instantly. I started putting pictures on fabric sometime between printmaking at Oberlin in the 1970s and silk screening life-sized portraits of all my friends in the 80s. Since the images needed backgrounds, I learned surface design. I dive into new techniques all the time and sometimes get ahead of myself – like teaching how to put photos on Solarplates before I figured out how to make great rubbings from them on fabric. Most of my classes start with “This is absolutely the most fun technique ever …” Mendocino is a wonderful place to live. We moved here during my residency at the Mendocino Art Center, and love the misty climate, the like-minded artists, and the wonderful birds.